Process-driven Solutions

For decades organizations have had to deal with the challenges of making internal and external software systems communicate with each other. Models for interoperability have included everything from batch-based processes to interfaces involving the transfer of text files between systems. ASL's TIER is a vendor-independent approach for enabling systems to communicate, connecting people with technology.

Using our Web-based Workflow Technology combined with a Portal-based User Interface, ASL and non-ASL software systems become transparent to users. Users work with business processes instead of a variety of application software in an integrated environment. TIER utilizes both synchronous as well as asynchronous integration techniques to allow administrative, mission-critical and business intelligence systems to seamlessly share information. This instantaneous sharing of information provides the right information to the right people at the right time so that informed, intelligent decisions can be made.


Because of the flexibility of this approach you can easily integrate new enterprise systems to deploy new business processes and required functionality to users regardless of their location. We support industry-standard enterprise databases, Web Application servers and hardware.

As a Microsoft partner, we support the .NET environment and will migrate with future Microsoft environments. With Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ) and ASL's Data Map Engine, you can easily integrate systems from a variety of vendors under the umbrella of ASL's Web-based Workflow Technology. MSMQ integrates applications, implements a push-style business event delivery environment between applications, and builds reliable enterprise-wide, secure, applications using 128-bit encryption that work over unreliable but cost-effective networks.

Enterprise Best-fit

Over the last 28 years we have learnt that organizations do not want to spend valuable time and money developing and maintaining software to help manage their business. They want easily configurable, integratable, ready-to-run systems that automate business processes spanning HR and other areas of the enterprise. Using our Web-based Workflow Technology, users get a consistent interface for business processes that make use of heterogeneous connections to link a variety of applications. Because of this end-to-end approach, organizations can get a true picture of business performance. The Integrated Enterprise Remodeled fits our technology to your business instead of fitting your business to our technology.

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