User Training

All courseware is designed to provide interactive, compelling learning for users. This learning is crucial in ensuring that users are not only effective but are using their HR Solutions at optimal levels. ASL has developed learning content that is customized specifically for each client based on the organization's requirements and business needs. Learning includes detailed instruction on using the system regardless of the users' role within the organization. Complete with hands-on group and individual activities and testing.

Technical Training

Technical training provides the knowledge to customize and integrate our solutions with existing systems from virtually any area within the organization. We'll tell you exactly what you need to know. Armed with a superior understanding of the underlying systems architecture, workflow management and functionality details IT personnel will be able to quickly and efficiently deploy new custom requirements and integration.

Implementation Training

Implementation training provides an essential transfer of knowledge. This knowledge covers our standard implementation methodology such as workflow analysis, business process review, change and mapping and successful deployment. Ultimately, this learning facilitates the connection between the purchase of your ASL solution and the ROI and value created from a fully operational system.

Training Delivery

ASL provides training in a variety of modes to fit your needs. A delivery plan is developed after a detailed assessment has been done and one or a combination of modes is typically used. These modes include:

On-site Training

On-site training is our most frequently used mode of delivery because of its convenience and logistical advantages. ASL provides seasoned, expert, trainers who conduct training at various client sites. In this way, clients maximize their spending on training for groups while minimizing the time that personnel is away from their work locations.

  • Focused, dedicated, customized learning delivery
  • Done at learner's pace with review
  • Hands-on, real world examples
  • Scheduled as required depending on the user's role within the organization
  • No minimum number of participants required
  • Questions answered and examples are shown immediately increasing retention
  • Completely flexible per requirements for new and changed content

Classroom Training

Classroom training provides users, managers, technical and implementation personnel with invaluable learning. Participants benefit from group interaction in a shoulder-to-shoulder setting where common questions and techniques are taught.

  • Group interaction
  • Continuity of delivery with a facilitator
  • Questions can be answered immediately
  • Discussions results in positive learning for the group
  • Participants benefit from others' questions, answers, and scenarios
  • Hands-on for skill-building
  • Ability to evaluate and measure learning immediately and address issues if necessary

Web-based Training

Web-based training allows clients to extend their training budgets by eliminating costly travel and other expenses. Valuable skills can be transferred to more participants in less time than traditional learning approaches. Participants can use online learning in a self-paced schedule from anywhere at anytime using only a browser

  • Self-paced learning
  • Asynchronous learning or the ability to stop and restart as desired
  • Minimum cost with maximum content and participants trained
  • Quickly provide on-demand learning for content refreshers and pre-training
  • Track and measure learning by participant, course or a variety of other metrics

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