Cloud Computing comes from the analogy of using a cloud to represent the Internet or Web in computing architecture diagrams. With Cloud computing, ASL manages all hardware and software including security, upgrades, backups and scalability and you simply use the software as a service (SaaS) at anytime from anywhere much like you would use services provided by a Utility such as Electricity.

Using SaaS means that you focus on using our Human Capital Management software instead of provisioning hardware, software, databases and associated IT services.

Simply use your Browser from anywhere at anytime to login and use the software. You have complete control to configure, use, report, collaborate and do whatever administrators and users need to do.

Why ASL's Cloud Computing/Software-as-a-Service

Simply put, SaaS allows your internal IT department to focus on your core business, improving bottom-line results, instead of getting involved with implementing, configuring, securing and maintaining Human Capital Management Systems. We can deploy our SaaS solution in a few days instead of weeks or months for traditional software installed internally in your infrastructure. For small and medium-sized businesses without Subject

Matter Expertise needed to implement, test and deploy HR Software not to mention other required business applications, SaaS becomes a vital part of their business strategy.

Security and availability are key considerations when evaluating SaaS solutions and ASL provides secure solutions using the same encryption standards used by banking applications with up to 99.9% availability

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Mobile Applications for HR

Cloud Computing allows for better and easier access to mobile apps for HR and other business solutions. Securely access your Human Capital Management System from anywhere using your smartphone as easily as you now access social media channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Using ASL's SaaS solutions will allow your administrators, executives, managers and employees to use, aggregate and analyze HR information at anytime without the restrictions of traditional HR software applications