Since 1989 ASL has successfully developed, marketed and implemented Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS) in businesses varying in size from small companies to Fortune 500 organizations. Deployment of these systems has been at both the national level in Canada as well as internationally for organizations with global enterprise. An integral part of these deployments has been the implementation planning and assistance provided by ASL personnel in the areas of Business Process Re-engineering, Workflow Analyses and Systems Integration into existing HR operations.

Utilizing industry best-practices along with our proven implementation methodologies, our multi-disciplinary teams of experienced management professionals, information technology, and implementation specialists have provided valuable insight, direction and guidance in ensuring that our implementations are successful from the start of a project to a "live", operational, system.

ASL Implementation Methodologies

Our methodologies are designed to provide you with a project that meets your specific business requirements and one that is completed within budget and to agreed timelines. We work on-site with clients as well as using distance-work and off-site activities. ASL's methodologies include a proven 7-phase approach to achieving project success and with over 27 years of success you are guaranteed the support and assistance of our qualified subject matter experts.

Our subject matter experts utilize our proprietary, structured, 7-phase approach along with project management, strategy and process mapping software and tools. We leverage our field-tested knowledge and our tools to build an implementation plan to meet your needs, resources and budget.

Our 7-phase proprietary implementation methodology groups projects into successive phases

Each phase is comprised of steps with measurable checkpoints and key milestones to ensure that even the most sophisticated projects are successful from the start to a live project. In addition to our 7-phase methodology, we provide a framework for selection and utilization of the appropriate levels of configuration, data migration, customization, user and technical training and technical support.

The result is the superior management of each phase as well as the ability to quickly repoint throughout the duration of the project. We take a holistic approach when implementing our software applications. We realize that we are implementing solutions that need to interoperate with other vendors' solutions and by taking an integrated approach you get the benefits and success of an integrated enterprise solution.

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