IT & Physical Security

Balancing legacy applications with cloud-based systems

ASL’s 100% Web-native HR software applications are designed to be secure from the ground up. Utilizing enterprise databases, integrated security, strong passwords and secure protocols with SSL encryption means that applications and data traffic is protected. For software-as-a-service delivery, our level 5 datacenters are secured 24/7 on multiple levels. Firewalls, intrusion detection and continuous security updates help to maintain the privacy of confidential data

An increasing number of organizations are adopting cloud-based solutions each day. Balancing the combination of legacy applications with new, cloud-based, applications is a serious challenge for most CIOs. Cloud-based applications may not be the answer in all cases especially for data-intensive integration with in-house legacy systems and ASL’s on-premise offerings afford the flexibility to run on-premise

Multi-platform systems integration

Monetizing data growth

Our hire-to-retire software applications are fully integrated and integration with external systems is supported via XML-based Web Services. Our Application Programming Interface allows 3rd parties to seamlessly and securely integrate with our technology whether from legacy or newer, cloud-based, systems.

The ability to analyze and mine data within the organization and to convert this knowledge into revenue and or savings is becoming increasingly more important. A real-time central repository of all hire-to-retire data means that analyses is not complicated making it easy to identify areas such as recruitment, training, health benefits, compensation and more for cost savings as well as areas of possible revenue growth.

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