Talent management

Executive Development & Succession

Attracting, engaging, acquiring and retaining talent for the organization is paramount. Ensuring the best systems, processes, and learning are in place to support these activities is necessary for success.

A select pool of leaders and successors must be continuously identified and groomed for the future. Ensuring not only business continuity but growth and profitability

Health & Benefits

Organizational Change

Ensuring the right mix of benefits is delivered across the organization will help to reduce costs and maximize usage for employees. Being able to utilize Group Benefits, Flexible Benefits or Healthcare Spending Accounts with support for open enrollment means being able to further streamline transactions and minimize times for enrollment and re-enrollment.

CHROs are tasked with spearheading change within organizations and ensuring that it is not only smooth but adopted and successful. Challenges abound from remote, global, locations to entrenched culture and routine. ASL's proven, field-tested, implementation and change management methodologies will guide you successfully and you navigate change.

Employee Engagement

Executive Compensation

An engaged workforce means a motivated and informed workforce. Engagement means that turnover decreases and new recruitment costs are contained. Doing this means providing the right portal and self-service tools for employee interaction and collaboration.

Being able to transparently tie executive compensation to performance and the achievement of specific organizational goals removes the perception that there is a lack of an equitable compensation policy. Transparency ensures that employees stay engaged and motivated.

Cultural Transformation & Diversity

Workforce Planning & Globalization

Diversity and transformational capabilities of organizations have become key components in an organization’s ability to compete globally. Recognizing and rewarding diversity means HR must have real-time access to global data and analytics.

Accurate planning and budgeting require the use of accurate, verifiable data that reflects one version of reality as opposed to many data sources each with its own differences. Having applications and comprehensive data that supports a global footprint is vitally important.

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