Our strategy is to migrate with industry standards for Open Systems and computing as the foundation of all product offerings. To this end, we adhere to standards from organizations such as ISO, ANSI, W3C, HR-XML consortium and other new and emerging standards from groups such as the IEEE.

Because our core competencies and those of our partners are in the area of Enterprise Resource Planning and Best-of-Breed systems development and deployment, our technology guarantees seamless integration with existing systems and the ability to utilize the same enterprise-class database platforms such as Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle that power the majority of mission-critical business software.

ASL Integration Architecture


The Integrated Enterprise

ASL's Integration Architecture is based on our wide acceptance of new and emerging standards such as eXtensible Markup Language (XML) and XML Stylesheet Language (XSL).

One of the most crucial concerns facing business today is how to proactively secure business systems vital to organizational continuity in the face of increasingly complex cyber attacks.

The Integrated Enterprise Remodeled (TIER) strategy is our commitment to ensuring that not only are ASL's systems completely integrated from end-to-end but also that you have the ability to easily integrate virtually any system from any vendor that supports open systems and interoperability.