Online OnBoarding

Impress new hires and streamline employee OnBoarding by allowing new hires to complete manual paperwork before they start. With ASL's OnBoarding solution, you can configure unlimited onboarding processes to enable collection, signoff, and capture of new hire documents electronically before an employee's first day of work.

User-defined OnBoarding

Create and manage unlimited onboarding processes to support regional differences and ensure regulatory compliance at the Federal, State or Provincial level. If needed, you can configure a unique onboarding process for each filled job.

Works With Any Applicant Tracking System

ASL's OnBoarding works with virtually any industry-standard Applicant Tracking System using standardized APIs so there is no need for costly customization or to replace your existing Applicant Tracking System.

Standalone System

Use OnBoarding as a standalone solution - No Applicant Tracking System or HRMS required. Securely store, manage and download all completed documents from the OnBoarding System's Document Vault.

Works With Any HRMS Software

ASL's OnBoarding works with virtually any industry-standard HRMS using standardized APIs so there is no need for costly integration to connect with your HRMS.

Integrated System

Eliminate Missing Documentation

Enable newhires to complete requisite paperwork online via the Web from any PC, Tablet or smartphone.

Reduce Administration & Associated Costs

Minimize HR data entry and associated costs with unlimited online, user-defined, processes that are accessible at anytime from anywhere.

OnBoarding Dashboard

See new hires onboarding progress and status throughout the process and receive email alerts and notifications. This ensures a proactive approach to managing onboarding.

Standardized Processes To Guide Newhires

Collect data required for TD-1 Federal & Provincial, W-4, I-9, Tax forms, Employment Equity/EEOC and more by using pre-defined processes. You can also present company introduction videos, hiring manager welcome messages, obtain newhires' acknowledgement of company policies, employee handbook and other mandatory documents. A step-by-step approach guides newhires at all times so that all required information is collected.

Secure Solution

All newhire information is encrypted in-transit and at-rest and ASL's OnBoarding System utilizes multi-factor authentication for an additional level of security. All newhire documents may be securely transmitted to your HRMS software with a complete audit trail.

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