Affordable Cloud-based Learning

Online Learning can be used as part of an integrated solution with HR Director™ Human Resources Management System enabling an end-to-end solution for course creation, delivery and training management for organizations globally. Because the system is completely Cloud-based, it can also be used as a standalone solution for Learning Management from anywhere and anytime. For organizations with international training requirements, the system supports interactive course creation and management in virtually any language all in a secured, audited environment.

Create Workplace Universities

For the large majority of organizations, creating courseware content specific to their business is an overwhelming and costly undertaking. Purchasing existing courseware and modifying it requires subject matter expertise, professional course designers and other technical resources. With ASL’s Learning Management anyone with access to the system and with knowledge in a specific area can create courseware. According to experts surveyed by Swanson & Falkman, Online Learning addresses many of the barriers to creating effective workplace universities.

Powerful Editing & Flexibility

Courses are not self-contained modules and any part of a course or exam can be changed as easily as changing part of a Word or PowerPoint document.


Eliminate rescheduling of employees for courses and travel costs. Keep your staff on the job and free up your trainers for more meaningful on the job training

Enhanced Learning

Photos, videos, animations, illustrations and interactive components maximized for the Web are easily inserted into training courses making your experience more visual, lively and powerful with the company's financial system

Integrated System

Collaborative Learning

Allow students to interact with managers, coaches, instructors and mentors to validate and ensure that learning is positively impacting operations efficiency and profitability.

Develop Content Libraries

It’s easy to develop and build libraries of reusable learning objects and content. Simply reuse existing content such as PowerPoint™ slides, Flash videos, audio files, Word™ and PDF documents and more. By uploading your proprietary content instead of re-creating it from scratch you increase productivity and ultimately profitability.

Powerful and Easy to Use

Because we use browser-based, Internet Self-Service Technology and workflow functionality to provide step-by- step guidance, minimal training is required. Integrated workflow means that curricula, courses, results and certificates are automatically managed for approvals, passing grades and more. Familiar browser-based user interface Step-by-step learning workflow to guide users

Improve Training Delivery & Success

Planning for training and its delivery can be tedious and time-consuming in addition to the problems encountered by novice as well as experienced trainers. Online Learning addresses issues related to fear, credibility, experience, difficult students, participation, timing, training course adjustment, questions, feedback, materials, opening & closing techniques and the dependency on notes. According to most experts, these issues can be dealt with in an objective and transparent way via Online Learning since students’ subjectivity is removed from the process.

Flexible Reporting & Analytics

The system allows students, training developers, coaches, registrars, managers etc. to check statuses and exceptions and to view standard reports such as enrollment, curriculum & course progress, course attempts and more.

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