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ASL's HR Analytics includes a combination of tools that work seamlessly together to help companies analyze Human Resources information. HR information contained in solutions that make up the ASL HRMS Suite is combined with other important sources of data throughout the enterprise to provide a consolidated view of HR and overall organizational performance. Regardless of their role in the organization, employees can get meaningful, timely information via digital dashboards, a comprehensive question and answer tool that answers questions asked in plain, everyday language and a guided report writing tool. Supplementing these tools are predictive and proactive automated alerts that deliver real-time information to allow personnel to take preventative action and maintain business performance. Traditional business intelligence (BI) tools such as Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) are too complex, costly and time-consuming to implement. In addition, they lack the flexibility to quickly connect multiple, differing data sources and are not designed to deliver meaningful information to the widest possible base of users.


HR Dashboard

Using ASL's HR Dashboard allows HR, executives, middle managers, line managers and employees to visualize how their actions are impacting overall business performance on demand. By understanding the linkage between their objectives, measures and the organization's strategy, employees can take immediate corrective action before it is too late. ASL's HR Dashboard includes prebuilt metrics such as compensation levels by location, division, department etc. versus compa ratios, performance review results by business unit, performance pay, absenteeism costs, headcount distribution, diversity levels, time-to-hire, retirement rates and more with the ability to define acceptable, warning and unacceptable ranges. At anytime, users can choose whether they would like to drill-down to see the details of any metric.


Employment Compliance with mandatory Employment Legislation

Proactive Alerts

Provide users with insight and knowledge to maintain performance

Standardized Expense Statements

Prebuilt Metrics

Save time, money and risky development with older BI Tools

GL Allocation

Predictive Analytics

Utilize historical data from many systems to provide knowledge.

Transform Data into Knowledge

The sheer volume and breadth of data available through myriad enterprise systems such as HR, Payroll, Financials, Manufacturing and CRM makes it difficult for human resources, executives, middle managers and employees to get timely knowledge on factors affecting them and the organization. In addition, existing BI tools require significant and costly development by IT and are too inflexible to be effectively delivered to all of the users within the organization. ASL's HR Analytics makes this happen twice as fast at half the cost using standard libraries of metrics.

Web-based Report Writer

The Web-based Report Writer is intended for users who want complete freedom and power to create their own reports and analyses. Using a guided approach, the report writer guides users through the process of creating analytic reports. These reports can be saved for future use or edited and used as many time as required.

Improve Business Performance

It has been said that you can't improve what you can't measure. Determining what to measure can also be a challenge since business performance is driven by so many related and interdependent factors. Using HR Analytics allows you to monitor the impact of recruitment factors such as time-to-hire and quality-of-hire, compensation factors such as performance pay and overtime, turnover factors such as vacancies and succession and much more. Users can drill down at the location, division, department, position and individual employee levels to understand the underlying reasons and decide on corrective actions to re-align individual and departmental objectives with those of the organization

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