Online Expense Statement

ASL's Online Expense Statement application allows organizations to automate and streamline the submission, approval and accounting of business travel expenses and reduce costs by over 80%. Traditionally, companies have used spreadsheet-based and inhouse-developed expense tracking systems. These systems have been inefficient and lacked sophisticated workflow, policy control and integration with existing HR, Payroll and Project Management Systems. The solution includes a standard set of workflow features and functions that is available immediately to help both employees and managers collaborate with accounting improving the accuracy and efficiency of expense reporting processes. The Online Expense Statement easily integrates into existing Intranets, Extranets or HR Portals like ASL's HR VP™

Expense Submissions

Using only a browser, employees can enter, manage and submit expense statements on demand from anywhere at anytime. Users can specify the type of expense, allocation based on the company's GL, the project and task on which the expense was incurred, the expense's currency, notes and much more. By using standard business rules, only allowable expenses may be submitted to further control costs. When complete, expense statements may be submitted online to a supervisor or manager for approval. Sophisticated workflow technology routes the expense statement through as many levels of approval as required to fit the organization's business processes and rules

reduce admin time

Reduce Administration

Automation reduces the cost of processing an expense statement by more than 80%

Standardized Expense Statements

Standardized Expense Statements

Expense statements look and feel the same for all submitters and approvers with company-specific rules.

GL Allocation

GL Allocation 

No more guessing about which account to allocate expenses to because of integration with the company's financial system

Integrated System

Integrated System

Approved expenses are automatically posted to the company's financial system and sent to payroll for reimbursement

Expense Approvals and Accounting

Supervisors and managers automatically receive notification of pending expense approvals either via email or private announcement. By clicking and following the embedded link in the email or private announcement, the supervisor is redirected to the submitted expense statement. If the expense statement is approved then the employee is automatically notified of its approval. However, if the supervisor rejects the submission then the employee is notified electronically in order to correct and resubmit their expenses. In this way, you can eliminate the paper shuffle and streamline not only approvals but also the time taken for reimbursement. ​Accounting departments can easily review supervisor-approved statements for final audit and payment via the system. Using the system's online tracking, accounting personnel can ensure that all receipts, invoices and other charge statements have been received for submitted expense statements.

Approved statements may be printed or output in various formats such as Microsoft Excel or text files. In this way, approved expenses may be automatically sent to your company's financial system thereby eliminating manual rekeying of information. Because the system is fully integrated, reimbursements are automatically sent to payroll for payment

Guaranteed Service and Support

Since 1989 our proven track-record for providing powerful HR software and support means you will benefit from our expertise in Information Technology, regulatory compliance, documentation, training and technical support. Personalized assistance is available directly from our highly skilled customer support specialists or by self-service via the Worldwide Web. By using the Worldwide Web users are no longer limited to defined support hours but can download files, receive communication and support themselves in a self-paced format at anytime from anywhere

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