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ASL's Benefits Administration is a comprehensive, Web-based system for managing flexible benefits plans, rules and eligibility, enrollment, configuration, workflow and annual maintenance. It is completely integrated with HRMS and Payroll and can provide electronic enrollment and eligibility data directly to benefits providers. By eliminating time-consuming manual processes and paperwork, ASL's Benefits Administration saves time and money and allows organizations to respond faster to employee requests thereby increasing employee satisfaction and overall morale. ​

Online Flexible Benefits Management

Using only a browser, employees can manage and update personal and family benefits information at anytime via the Internet or private Intranet. Administrators can define benefits plans, configure enrollment rules and schedule and monitor the status of employee enrollment.

ASL's Benefits Administration allows organization of all sizes to manage multiple benefits years concurrently so that a new year's rules may be configured even though the current year is still in progress and employees are making status changes, enrolling and more. Employees use a guided approach to the selection of benefits depending on their benefits program and eligibility. Users can perform unlimited "what if" scenarios to determine the best suite of benefits for their particular situation. The system automatically calculates all premium costs, tax implications and allows users to stop and resume when desired without losing any information. ASL's Benefits Administration also includes sophisticated workflow including alerts, reminder messaging and reports to keep both administrators and employees informed of the enrollment process. For example, eligible employees automatically receive an email informing them of the start of a new enrollment year or reminding them that they have not submitted a confirmed or completed enrollment. Administrators are notified of the number of completed and outstanding enrollments, errors in enrollment and can run reports at anytime to monitor the progress of annual enrollment.

Concurrent Year Administration

Support for configuration of a new benefits year while the current year is still in effect

Benefits Portal Integration

Integration of enrollment, benefits provider information, policy, and rules.

Browser-based Interface

Generic, Industry-standard user interface independent of browser used.

GL Allocation

Centralized Control

Efficiency and convenience of a server-based application

Self-Serve Benefits

Because the system is available 24/7 via the Internet or private Intranet, both employees and administrators can work when it is most efficient. Employees can access the system from home and compare costs and make annual benefits selections in conjunction with their spouses or partners. Employees can enter life events impacting their benefits needs directly into the system at any time. Events such as changes to marital status, dependents, TD1 and W4 elections are supported. At the end of the enrollment process, employees can confirm their selections by digitally signing their confirmation again eliminating cumbersome paperwork. They can also print hard copies of their enrollment for their records. Administrators can define unlimited flex plans, start and end dates for annual enrollment/re-enrollment, applicable benefits plans and rules to limit employees to those benefit plans to which they are eligible.

By linking benefits providers websites into an ASL's Benefits Administration Portal, users can access valuable provider information. At the core of ASL's Benefits Administration solution is its powerful, global, HRMS which provides unparalleled functionality and security utilizing SSL with 128-bit encryption.

Guaranteed Service and Support

Our proven track-record for providing powerful HR software and support means you will benefit from our expertise in Information Technology, regulatory compliance, documentation, training and technical support. Personalized assistance is available directly from our highly skilled customer support specialists or by self-service via the Worldwide Web. By using the Worldwide Web users are no longer limited to defined support hours but can download files, receive communication and support themselves in a self-paced format at anytime from anywhere

Pension Administration

ASL's Benefits Administration includes Pension Management. Our end-to-end Pension Administration solution runs the gamut from defining unlimited plan types such as Defined Contribution, Defined Benefit etc. to enrollment and pension payments. The Pension Portal & Payment System solution can be used by a variety of individuals or organizations such as Trust Services Personnel, Sponsors/HR, Retirees/Pensioners, Third-party Administrators and more. As with all of our solutions, this system can be deployed on-premise or hosted in Canada, The USA or any specified country to address Privacy and other local legislation.

Pensioner Portal & Payment System

Organizational Benefits:

  • Secure, Enterprise-class, system capable of supporting unlimited sponsors and pensioners
  • Extensible System to support evolving needs of Sponsors and Trust Service Personnel
  • Multi-lingual & Multi-currency support
  • Private-branding for Sponsors for a unified user experience
  • Ensure legislative compliance
  • Integrated Pension payroll processing segregated from employee payrolls


Pensioners & Retirees Benefits:

  • Secure Pensioner Portal Website for online administration from anywhere, anytime
  • Pensioners can submit requests via Portal messaging, telephone, email, fax etc
  • Pensioners receive timely announcements, pay statements and alerts from Sponsors
  • Pensioners can securely administer personal, banking, beneficiary and more online
  • Pensioners can receive tax forms and direct payments via cheque or direct deposit
  • All taxes on Pension payments are automatically remitted

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