HR Time & Attendance™

HR Time & Attendance™ is a comprehensive, Web-based system that integrates seamlessly with HR Director™ Human Resources Management System, Payroll and Time capture hardware including biometrics. It provides the ability to track attendance plans, time worked, shifts, project costs and expense statements with online review and approvals

Time Management

In addition to tracking time worked, absenteeism and tardiness, the system can be configured to fit your specific needs such as mass data entry for standard work, rotating shifts, blocked off periods and more. Record time worked on individual tasks and projects for allocation to cost centers. Using the expense statement functionality allows you to track expenses and details associated with each task.

  • Increase workforce readiness with real-time tracking
  • Improve cost control with project & task costing

Ease of Use

Because we use browser-based, Internet Technology and screen flow functionality to provide step-by-step guidance, minimal employee and supervisor training is required. Integration with payroll means that approved time is automatically sent to payroll for payroll runs.
Familiar browser-based user interface
Step-by-step screen flow to guide users

Flexible and Rules-based

You can create unlimited leave and attendance plans with complete rules for shift schedules, blocked off vacations, accruals, carryover balances and more. Define cut-off dates for time entry, approvals, payroll runs and more.

  • Unlimited leave & attendance plans per employee
  • Automatic schedule allocations for any time period

reduce admin time

Time Management

Employees can access their timesheets from anywhere and enter time worked and expenses incurred by individual project and task for supervisor approval and transmittal to payroll.

Standardized Expense Statements

Custom Rules

Define organization-specific rules, policy and procedures to ensure that the system meets your needs such as overtime, shift schedule templates, blocked off time, cut-off dates, pay runs and more.

Online Approvals

Multi-level approvals of time worked with escalation and automatic transfer to payroll significantly improve business processes for time management throughout the enterprise.

FMLA Support

Family and Medical Leaves Act support allows you to manage and report on unlimited leaves of absence covered under FMLA.

Superior Monitoring, Reporting and Analytics

Unmatched reporting and analytics provide you with the ability to track absences by department, averages, hours absent, FMLA returns, trend analyses and much more with unique drill-down. Alerts provide real-time monitoring of schedule variations, lateness, exceptions to rules and more. Improve productivity with easy absence trend analysis Control labour costs with real-time reports & analytics

Powerful and Easy to Use

Because we use browser-based, Internet Self-Service Technology and workflow functionality to provide step-by- step guidance, minimal training is required. Integrated workflow means that time sheets are automatically managed for approvals. Familiar browser-based user interface Step-by-step learning workflow to guide users

Online Approvals

Assign the required access level to employees and supervisors to enable time entry, expense tracking, and access to specific projects & tasks.  Multi-level approvals of time worked with escalation and automatic transfer to payroll significantly improve business processes for time management throughout the enterprise.

Flexible Reporting & Analytics

Standard reports such as shift schedules, pay period hours worked and overtime levels allow you to provide point-in-time analyses with drill down.  Alerts monitor exceptions and activities in real-time.

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