Payroll Solution - HR Director™

Payroll integrates seamlessly with HR Director™ Human Resources Management System and Time and Attendance enabling an end-to-end HR/Payroll/Time Management solution for organizations in Canada. For organizations with international payroll requirements, HR Director™ system integrates with various US and UK-based solutions to provide a single solution.

Powerful Functionality

Sophisticated and powerful features provide support for unlimited companies as well as unlimited employees within a fully secured Database with Audit Trail. Using one of the most comprehensive Timesheets facilitates the capture of time worked, rates and leave and vacation accruals. Automatic calculation of all retroactive pay is hassle-free since 


the system captures all work history, job distributions, rates, effective increase dates and more so that no manual calculations need to be done.

Users can email paystubs to employees or, if Employee Self-Service is available, these eStubs are available for employees to access at anytime.

  • Direct Deposit and EFT with unlimited bank accounts is provided
  • Record Of Employment (ROE) printing
  • Automatic calculation of unlimited earnings & deductions
  • Automatic calculation of federal, provincial and territory taxes including
  • Income Tax, CPP and EI
  • Download up-to-date tax rates and withholding limits
  • Print T4's, T4A's and Relevé 1's
  • Electronic filing of ROE's, T4's, T4A's and Canada Savings Bonds
  • WSIB and Workers Compensation tracking
  • Automatic or manual payroll runs
  • Tax Remittance Services

Online Submission

Electronic filing of ROE's, T4's, T4A's and Canada Savings Bonds

Integrated System

Flexible Schedule

Allow users to run payroll either on an automated schedule or manual basis


Employees and managers can review electronic pay stubs for previous and current years

Secured Database

Fully secured system with full audit trail

Guaranteed Service and Support

Our proven track-record for providing powerful HR software and support means you will benefit from our expertise in Information Technology, regulatory compliance, documentation, training and technical support. Personalized assistance is available directly from our highly skilled customer support specialists or by self-service via the Worldwide Web. By using the Worldwide Web users are no longer limited to defined support hours but can download files, receive communication and support themselves in a self-paced format at anytime from anywhere.

Flexible Reporting & Analytics

The system allows users to print pay cheques, earnings statements, direct deposit reports, various standard reports such as payroll registers with year-to-date information as well as all federal, provincial and territory taxation information using analytics.

Works With Major Payroll Providers

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