Integrated Self-Service

HR Self-Service™ is a comprehensive, Web-based system that integrates seamlessly with HR DirectorTM Human Resources Management System, Payroll, Time & Attendance and WebHunterTM eRecruiting. It supports a variety of user roles such as employees, managers and administrators. HR Self-ServiceTM saves time and money by allowing employees access to information at anytime from anywhere without HR involvement and by automating manual processes using powerful workflow functionality. By allowing HR to focus on strategic initiatives such as talent acquisition, employee development and compensation planning, you can achieve a superior return on investment.

Automate Business Processes with Workflow

Powerful workflow capabilities such as onboarding, requests and multi-level approvals and automated alerts and notifications allow organizations to streamline and improve the accuracy of manual, paper-based business processes.

  • Improve accuracy and reliability of business processes
  • Reduce HR transactions by over 70%

Ease of Use

Because we use browser-based, Internet Technology and screen flow functionality to provide step-by-step guidance, no user training is required.

  • Familiar browser-based user interface
  • Step-by-step screen flow to guide users


Our use of industry standards means that organizations can brand HR Self-Service by using logos, corporate colours and styles. Add unlimited hyperlinks, documents and functionality to create an employee portal that increases in value every day.

  • Brand Self-Service to promote your organization
  • Custom portal for delivery of important information

Guaranteed Service and Support

With over 26 years of excellence in providing powerful. Human Resources Information Technology solutions, we are uniquely positioned to provide and support our applications. Personalized assistance is available directly from our highly skilled and respected customer support specialists or by self-service via the Internet.

  • Access Support directly 24/7 via Self-Service
  • Get answers to your questions from Product Expert


Increase in employee satisfaction & retention

Standardized Expense Statements


Reduce HR transactions


Access support directly via Self-Service


Secure access to Managers & Employers

Employee Self-Service

Employees can access and update a variety of personal, employment, compensation and benefits data. HR, payroll, training, job history, performance reviews and vacation and leave balances may be accessed at anytime without HR assistance. Requests for time-off may also be submitted for supervisor approval. Additionally, pay stubs, T4s, RL-1s, W-2s, W-4s and more may be viewed, updated or downloaded.

  • Centralized portal for users to manage personal data
  • Improve employee satisfaction & retention by over 50%

Manager Self-Service

Managers have access to a variety of employee information including job and pay history, performance reviews, skills, attendance, org charts and more. They can review and complete online performance appraisals, approve employee timesheets, time-off and training requests. Once approved these requests are automatically updated in the HRMS. Reduce tactical work and increase organizational value-add.

  • Approved changes are updated directly in HR databases
  • Increase management focus on strategic initiatives

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