In the last blog post, I pointed out a connection between HR and customer service and how techniques from the CSR discipline can be used to enhance HR.

One main point is to understand your customer and to attempt to meet their needs as quickly as possbile. One of the keynote speakers in the field of customer service adapted to this principle by gathering as much relavent information as possible on the client into as few screens as possible. This is especially relavent when making key decisions related to compensation.

A good compensation planner can help gather all of your information into a single spot and process the information easily so that all key stakeholders have an appropriate view of the organization. Setting the high level variables such as budgets and performance pay targets at a high level then providing your managers with all of the necessary information related to your employees allows you to delegate responsibility. Given all of the information at a single glance provides managers with all of the tools they need to quickly and effectively set increase and bonus values and submit them for approval to upper levels of management.