One-Time License Fee. Install the software on your internal infrastructure anywhere globally. Utilize your internal IT Expertise to configure, deploy, secure, backup and maintain the Human Capital Software and databases. For data-intensive integration with other internal systems, your IT team can use a variety of approaches to streamline workflow and dataflow.


Subscription-based service. ASL manages all hardware and software including security, upgrades, backups and scalability. Simply use the 100% Web-native Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) 24/7 from anywhere via a Browser. Our SaaS solution is deployed in a few days instead of weeks or months for traditional software installed internally in your infrastructure. Security and availability are key considerations and ASL provides secure solutions using the same encryption standards used by banking applications with up to 99.9% availability.


One-Time License Fee with vendor-hosting. Combine the best of both worlds - all the benefits of Cloud-based deployment and you only pay for hosting, once annually, in ASL's Datacenters in Canada, USA, EU or specific location for compliance with Privacy Legislation.

Some Of Our Clients

HR Voices At HRPA 2018

In celebration of our 26th year at HRPA's Annual Conference, we featured a segment called "HR Voices" where we asked 250 for people's opinions on some of the challenges, highlights and low-lights that HR Professionals experience. What we heard was that many within organizations still don't appreciate the challenges that HR faces daily.

On the topic of Performance, We had the opportunity to talk to David Cohen about the move away from traditional management systems and back again. Apparently, 65-70% of high performing employees still want annual reviews.


ASL provides Human Resources Software, Professional Services and Managed Outsourced Solutions for large and medium-sized organizations requiring a level of complexity and sophistication in HR beyond what is available from payroll providers with an HR offering. Our core competencies are in HR technology, processes, management, best practices and compliance. We have provided these solutions to organizations in industries ranging from Airlines to Utilities as well as the Private and Public sectors since 1989.



We work on-site with clients as well as using distance-work and off-site activities. ASL's methodologies include a proven 7-phase approach to achieving project success and with over 25 years of success, you are guaranteed the support and assistance of our qualified subject matter experts.


ASL provides expert training so that you can maximize the return on your investment in our solutions. After all, we are the worldwide experts for our own products. Our training programs are built on our experience in a variety of industries ranging from Food to High Technology.


​ASL Support is essential in ensuring that your solution is performing at optimal levels. Our comprehensive support packages provide access to free software upgrades including enhancements along with access to unmatched customer and technical support personnel.



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